Meet Aether, the Carbon-Negative Diamond Jewelry Company [Spotlight on AirMiners]
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Meet Aether, the Carbon-Negative Diamond Jewelry Company [Spotlight on AirMiners]

The first in our series of short interviews with climatetech innovators, with Ryan Shearman of Aether Diamonds.
Meet Aether, the Carbon-Negative Diamond Jewelry Company [Spotlight on AirMiners]

Aether Diamonds is a recently-launched diamond company with a twist: their diamonds are made using captured carbon dioxide. Their technology breaks down the carbon dioxide, removes the oxygen from the carbon, and "grows" the diamonds. I had the chance to ask their Chief Alchemist Ryan Shearman a few questions to get a glimpse into the inner workings of Aether.  You can also read more about Aether in Vogue and Forbes.

This is a good and interesting sign of the future carbon economy, as we need players in all markets selling carbon-negative goods if we are to achieve net zero carbon. Though this is at a small scale, it definitely attracts attention and creates new mechanisms for climate action.

M: What is the most important thing you want people to know about Aether?

R: When we say that we are a mission-driven company, we really mean it. Our purpose for existing is to help scale global decarbonization efforts in a self-sustaining manner. Carbon-negative diamonds made from air pollution is just the start.

M: Where is Aether in 10 years?

R: We aim to have removed over a gigatonne of CO2 from the atmosphere by the ten-year mark. By that point, we hope to be offsetting the entire annual carbon footprint of the global diamond trade.

M: What can people do to support and follow the company?

R: The best way someone can support us is by visiting and ordering some carbon-negative diamond jewelry. Besides that, you can follow us on Instagram: @aetherdiamonds

M: What drives you?

R: I'm driven by a desire to leave the planet better off than it was when I arrived. Driving real change and having a material impact on the environment is the legacy I wish to leave behind.

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