Climatetech is Cleantech 2.0
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Climatetech is Cleantech 2.0

Climatetech is Cleantech 2.0

In 2016, we started building climatetech, instead of joining the incumbent cleantech groups. Our thesis was, if cleantech worked, emissions wouldn't be rising year-over-year (over 32 billion tons/year CO2e at last count), and our peers wouldn't be asking us how to transition their tech careers into environmental-tech ones. In true overly-literal engineering fashion, Tito and I decided to go with "climatetech." It's tech, but for climate. Climatetech. Easy.

It's important to note that when we say "tech," we mean technology as a tool, following Kevin Kelly in his book, What Technology Wants, in which he posits that

"technology is an extension of the human body -- not "of our genes, but of our minds." Everything that humans have thought of and produced over time -- which Kelly dubs "the technium" -- has followed, shaped and become integrated into human evolution -- so much so, in fact, that it's now a part of evolution itself." Source NPR

You might be thinking, "so, smart guy, what is climatetech that makes it so different than cleantech?"

For one, it's trauma-informed. It's people-centric. It's ground-up. It's entrepreneur-first. It's empathetic. It's NOW. It's "integrated into human evolution" in that, in 2020, it is evolving for a climate-changed world. When cleantech first started in the early 2000s, we could not say that the climate had changed with as much certainty as we do now. And so our efforts deserve a new banner.

Going deeper, climatetech applies to biodegradable products. It applies to zero emissions transportation infrastructure. It's waste-to-value, and better landfills, too. It's about pollutant capture and the markets that incentivize businesses to clean up their mess. The artifacts we create are then used by policymakers to craft legislation. It's the energy grid. It's education. It's local farms. It's clothing. It's medicine. It's hobbies and values.

This is fundamentally a systems design approach. We think about these products and services within a system.

What's being taught in the schools for children, and for adults. How do they get to school? Where does the food comes from? What type of last-mile delivery vehicles are used? How is the building powered? Is there a rooftop farm? What type of flood protection and resilience measures are in place? Where does the waste go? And how is this all financed? Insured?

Yes, it's broad, and exists to chronicle every nook and cranny, telling the stories of the real-life individuals and companies with products and services that you can buy today. All products and services chronicled here will be climate solutions by design. That is the mission of Climatetech Advisors - to grow the field of climatetech by promoting products and services that are climate solutions by design.

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