"Does anything have roots anymore?"
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"Does anything have roots anymore?"

Open science roots climate innovation.
"Does anything have roots anymore?"

As a commenter asked on a NYTimes article from this summer about farmers live-streaming on Youtube, "does anything have roots anymore?"

Yes. We all have roots. So, where is this disruption rooted?

At the root of this is open science and rapid prototyping.

Open science is the idea that anyone can be a scientist. If you can ask a question, if you can engage your curiosity and challenge your assumptions, you are a scientist. No white coat or Ph.D needed. All you need is the power of observation.

Open science is a key to stress-free climate action.

Open science enables us to release the tension, the big-brother-ness of IPCC mandates (that’s the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change), the pressure of “you’ve been bad, you have to be better.” It brings us calmly and firmly into the space of curiosity.

Curiosity is more like, “This zero-waste stuff is interesting, I wonder what I’ll find by asking around about it.” Or, "this aerosolized viral vector thing is interesting, I wonder what it means?"

Or it might even sound like, "This Climatetech Media platform is interesting, I wonder if I can become a content contributor?"

Yes. The answer is yes.


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