On Climatetech Accelerators & Slack Communities [Climatetech A-Z]
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On Climatetech Accelerators & Slack Communities [Climatetech A-Z]

A jump-off point for climatetech innovators, to access network, community, and funding.
On Climatetech Accelerators & Slack Communities [Climatetech A-Z]

Climatetech Stylized Letter A by Daniella Yamin

There are a plethora of open innovation communities available for people wanting to work on climatetech. This post, representing the first of 26 posts sharing general information about climatetech, is for the letter A: Accelerators. This list will expand as I connect with more accelerators and Slack communities. Please send all questions or comments to contact@climatetechadvisors.com.


ForClimatetech, ScaleForClimatetech and VentureForClimatetech


forClimatetech was launched last year, as an iteration on MCorps (manufacturenewyork.com), a support program for manufacturing startups in New York. ScaleForClimatetech is the effort to help hardware climatetech and cleantech startups grow their manufacturing readiness level. It's been awesome to see the program grow from cleantech and manufacturing support into all-in climatetech support.



Venture For Climatetech just launched its first cohort, who, over three stages, have access to a pool of around $125,000 of nondilutive funding. The application was due March 12, 2021.

Greentown Labs Boston & Houston


Greentown Labs organized the inaugural Climatetech Summit last year. They are a central hub for interaction between corporates, cleantech/climatetech entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.

Third Derivative


Third Derivative is an accelerator through the Rocky Mountain Institute (now known simply as "RMI"), who are the world leaders in energy-efficient building design and zero-emissions systems. Their first cohort is starting this year, with access to a convertible note.

Bethesda Green


Bethesda Green is an innovation community based in Bethesda, Maryland that has multiple ways for entrepreneurs to give and receive support.



AirMiners is working on an accelerator, and has been running a free 4-week on-ramp to carbon dioxide removal, called BootUp. They are not the only carbon removal accelerator on the horizon - the Carbon to Value Initiative is another. And on top of all of this, the XPrize Foundation is running a prize competition to distribute $100,000,000 donated by Elon Musk. All programs will be launching in 2021, with details to be announced. AirMiners has an open Slack with nearly 1,000 members, which can be joined through their website. They also frequently hold events.

Here are the details for the $100,000,000 carbon removal XPrize from https://www.xprize.org/prizes/elonmusk:

Slack Communities

New Energy Network is the Slack community run in collaboration with Third Derivative. It has over 3,000 members and is open-access, through the New Energy Nexus.

Work On Climate is a Slack community for people who want to do just that: work on climate. It has just about 1,400 members and can be joined through workonclimate.org.

AirMiners is a Slack community for people curious about, or working in atmospheric carbon removal, with nearing 900 members. I co-founded this community back in 2017. It can be joined at AirMiners.org.

The Global Regeneration Collaborative is a global Slack community for people curious about regeneration or for those already in it. Regenerative economics, regenerative agriculture, regenerative organizations... it's all there. It's invite-only, and I am happy to make the invite on your behalf. grc.earth



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