Shaping A New Industry
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Shaping A New Industry

Shaping A New Industry

This is certainly an intriguing time be shaping a new industry, one that releases no waste, no emissions, and heals the Earth and its inhabitants. Things are good right now. Real good.  Tesla's stock performance is evidence that the economy is moving in our direction.

The green jobs boom isn't a question of if, it's a question of when. That's when will the climatetech sector receive the same government incentives as the polluting industrial sector?

"No vehicles were harmed in the making of this photo" - Tropical Storm Isaias‌‌

Climatetech is bigger than cleantech.

Climatetech spans the space from bicycles and electric vehicles, to circular and zero-waste products, energy efficiency technologies like renewable-powered air-source or ground-source heat pumps, to local farms, to aquatic ecosystems management.

Climatetech is the bigger tent to cleantech's big tent. Cleantech - keep going. Keep it up, keep innovating. But be aware, climatetech is here to disrupt you. This is disruptive innovation, y'all!

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