CTM is "The Information" for Climate Tech
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CTM is "The Information" for Climate Tech

CTM is "The Information" for Climate Tech

Published by M. Eshed

21 Feb 21

This post was inspired by Jason Jacobs' Tweet on Feb 20. He is the founder of My Climate Journey, a popular podcast and climate action community.

I hope you enjoy. This post might even be the one that changes it all, bringing the right attention to the page to grow the team and manifest the vision of a place to get the latest and greatest in climatetech (or climate tech, climate-tech, or ClimateTech).

In startup land, in COVID land, on Earth in 2021, we are experiencing a profound time of invention and creation. We must, with the difficulties around us, the best thing we can do is become more ourselves, and that means to invent, to create, to problem-solve, to commune, and to share information.

This website, ClimatetechMedia.com, was started in 2020 because there was no apparent outlet dedicated to climate innovation, also known as climate tech. Throughout 2020 and into 2021, I created the site, its mission, and begun interviewing climatetech innovators. I have solicited contributors and collaborators, while simultaneously collecting unemployment, since this project does not currently pay. The endeavor to identify funding and a team is presently ongoing.

What differentiates Climatetech Media from other outlets is its holistic approach to climatetech - it is an outgrowth of the climatetech movement, created by and for the field of climatetech. We focus on making the stories accessible, and are acutely aware of the need for communication that is sensitive to the widespread trauma and confusion caused by climate-related disasters.

The solutions are out there; they are accessible. Climatetech is about products and services that are climate solutions by design. From coffee cups to group therapy sessions to venture capital, transportation, food, construction, and art, the stories that constitute climatetech are across all domains. I see it happening in the communities around me. I believe that there is an opportunity to communicate about climatetech in many forms of media: the written word, graphic art, film, and the performing arts: music and theatre. We have a Youtube channel. We have a Soundcloud. A Twitch. And ClimatetechMedia.com is our own channel entirely. If Hollywood calls, we will be on the big screen.

I have spent the last 8 months traveling the USA in a car and camper truck, discovering sustainability everywhere I go. Sometimes, it's a lack, such as inadequate glass recycling. Sometimes, it's an abundance, like the fully-solar powered bakery. Everywhere I go, people care. Many of them don't know what to do, they are overwhelmed by information, but they all have ideas and perspectives. There are many ways to reach them. I am oriented toward tangible products and services that look familiar and improve quality of life.

Yes, anybody can make a media site, and many do. But not many have the drive, passion, and grit, to keep pushing, on this singular topic of climatetech. The networks that Climatetech Advisors and the Climatetech Media Project operate within number in the thousands of people and stretch across the entire world, Japan to Iceland, Argentina to British Columbia, South Africa to Maine, New York to San Francisco. They include laypeople, scientists, industrial workers, software workers, farmers, educators, therapists, artists and designers. They are children and adults, elderly and the disabled. They are incarcerated and sick, for without everyone at the table, we won't achieve the type of change that is needed.

As you can see by looking at this site, it needs improvement. It needs more authors, more content, posted more regularly. The website itself needs improvement. The transition to a subscription model needs to be implemented. Capital can achieve this. With capital, we can tell the stories at the front lines of climatetech.

The future is bright. In the climatetech space, we know it, because we see people all around us working on ways out of this mess, to clean up the atmosphere, to clean up the land, to plant trees, and to improve quality of life. The Climatetech Media project is positioned exactly in the right place to make this all happen.

Please subscribe and pass this post along to any colleagues who might be interested in partnering on this endeavor.

My Best,


Founder of the Climatetech Media Project & Principal Conspirator, Instigator, and Ideator


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