This is not a prototype
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This is not a prototype

Rapid prototyping as a key to effective climate action.
This is not a prototype

Is rapid prototyping is a perfect match for climate action?

Let's explore.

Climate change is defined subjectively (quantum and emotional/perceivable) and objectively. Additionally, our objective definition of climate change is also changing, as more information comes in. Not only is more information coming in, but it is coming in from more sources; more Tweets, more Posts, more Articles.  I like to refer to this as a change in the climate of awareness. Every day, we ourselves have changed, our environment has changed, and our information sources have changed.

The Buddha says, "Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most."

The Buddha is telling us to prototype. Every day, a new prototype. I believe this holds one of the critical keys to climate action.

To develop effective climate action, that is, action that supports our here&now as well as our future, we need iteration. We need throwing it at the wall and see what sticks, composting what didn't, and trying again. We need to make mistakes, we need to go overboard, go over boundaries, and then start again.

Let's see what around us might be a prototype:

  • President Trump’s rollbacks of environmental regulations is a prototype for future environmental protections.
  • Citizen action in response to wildfire is a prototype for future responses to wildfire.
  • The solar farm next door is a prototype for future solar farms.
  • The electric grid is a prototype for the emissions-free, community-scale grid.
  • Your city’s recycling program is a prototype for the zero-waste future.
  • White male-led society is a prototype for a society led by women, people of color, queer and gender nonbinary, and Indigenous people.

This is a prototype.

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