Introduction to The Climatetech Media Project
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Introduction to The Climatetech Media Project

Introduction to The Climatetech Media Project

EDIT: The name of the publication was changed from The Climatetech Advisor to The Climatetech Media Project in December 2020

This is the leading edge of the sustainability (r)evolution, bridging technology, climate, and resilience. This publication tells the stories experienced by Climatetech Advisors, founded by Matthew C Eshed in 2020. This publication is intended for three audiences: those looking to transition their work into sustainability, those currently working in climate innovation investing, and current sustainability professionals looking to go deeper.

Climatetech is a brand-new field of technology, emerging from the innovation space back in 2016, when we co-founded Impossible Labs, a climate technologies consultancy in San Francisco. We define climatetech as products and services that are also climate solutions. That's it, eight words. Part of our thesis is that sustainability has too many words, and as a leading organization, we must set the example.

Our work is also described as next-generation sustainability, that is, sustainability as business development, as a competitive advantage, as investment in organizational growth. It is beyond sustainability as a cost, sustainability as a tradeoff. It accepts that we cannot continue engaging in a system that kills our planet and its diverse web of life; we must engage in a new system that does not pollute our home. We are doing it for the next generation.

Old school sustainability heads know this as the triple bottom line. In the new school at which Climatetech Advisors is headmaster, we call it next-generation sustainability.

Next-generation also refers to the next generation of people, the next generation of thinking, who are doing this work. We need the support of the elder generations, in fact, elder care is core to a next-generation sustainability approach. A next-generation orientation is embedded in the work of previous generations.

This approach is firmly about engaging, motivating, and uplifting the Gen X, Millenial, Gen Z, and younger, who were raised in the shadow of the former USSR, who as children experienced the trauma of September 11 and the war on terror, the destructive storms, Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, the wildfire season increasing in length, mass incarceration, the student debt crisis....and now, future climate change becoming a present-day reality.

Investing in next-generation sustainability is a gift to those with the energy, the vision, and the desire to dedicate our lives in support of a healthy and balanced Planet Earth and a prosperous humanity.

If you are at the beginning of your sustainability career, you are already in and want to tap into the cutting edge, or if you simply want to boost this next-generation approach, please consider joining this newsletter as a subscriber. All of you are welcome, the doors to this tent are wide open.

The Climatetech Media Project will cover a wide realm of topics. First and foremost, it will cover the work happening at the frontline of Climatetech Advisors, the parent company of this newsletter, currently based in New York City. As the company expands nationwide, the frontline will also expand. Secondly, this newsletter will cover the diverse and emergent field of climatetech, with human, technological, and systemic stories covering the following areas:

  • Agriculture & Soil
  • Agri/Aquaculture & Food
  • Carbontech
  • Circular Materials
  • Climate Literacy Education
  • Coastal Resilience
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Zero-Emissions Products
  • Zero Emissions Transportation
  • Zero-Waste Products

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Till next time,

Matthew Eshed

Owner & Founder, Climatetech Advisors

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