Welcome to the Climatetech Media Project
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Welcome to the Climatetech Media Project

The Climatetech Media Project is a new collaborative initiative that needs contributors and sponsors.
Welcome to the Climatetech Media Project

Dispatch by Matthew Eshed, 24 NOV 2020, USA

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you The Climatetech Media Project (climatetechmedia.com), the first and only media outlet dedicated entirely to the emergent field of climatetech, an innovation practice dedicated to products and services that are climate solutions by design.

As a media project dedicated to growing with the field of climatetech, our role is to document the evolution from cleantech into climatetech, and beyond. Cleantech started in the early 2000s and experienced some successes, largely through the Cleantech Open and the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI). Since the early 2000s, times have changed, and the climate has too. In 2020, California experienced five of its six-largest wildfires on record, and nearby American states experienced a similarly traumatic fire season (Source: Disasterphilanthropy.org). Climate change is a certainty, and climatetech exists to understand what is happening and integrate solutions into the framework of societies around the world. Climatetech is the next iteration for the challenges and opportunities of today.

Earlier this month, Greentown Labs hosted the first-ever Climatetech Summit. As we speak, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is directing its programs to begin using the term "climatetech," evidenced by NextCorps and M-Corps. Over in Colorado, at the world-leading Rocky Mountain Institute, the great leader Amory Lovins refers to "innovative climate technologies" in support of the new Third Derivative Accelerator. In Asheville, North Carolina, also known as "Climate City," in 2019, The Collider held the "Climate Tech Challenge." Internationally, the Climate Founders community in Germany is working hard to document and catalyze the growth of the emergent climatetech sector through virtual hackathons. I would be remiss to not mention the great successes of the AirMiners community throughout 2020, catalyzed by 2019's successful $50k Kickstarter, which rolled into the first AirMiners conference in May 2020, followed by a series of events, covering the oceans, investing, and most recently, hosting the tech veteran and founder of IdeaLab, Bill Gross, who demonstrated the handful of renewable energy startups he is working on. All of the video footage is available on the AirMiners Youtube channel.

Are you seeking community and collaboration? Join the Climatetech Media team! We are seeking nonprofit and academic supporters, journalists, writers, and editors, graphic designers and video producers, programmers and salespeople, lawyers, promoters, and strategists. This media outlet isn't going to start itself, and it certainly isn't going to succeed with only a founder writing content and designing the website.

If you represent a journalism or media-focused program, have participated in one, or want to participate in one, please reach out to Matthew at contact@climatetechadvisors.com and we can explore how the "sky's the limit."

Read about Matthew on his Climatetech Media bio, and subscribe to the Project by signing up at the bottom of this post.

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